Orgues classiques Johannus Opus 255

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L’Opus est l’orgue idéal pour chaque organiste qui souhaite étudier ou jouer pour son plaisir.

Cet orgue ne nécessite aucun réglage compliqué ni temps d’allumage trop long : il suffit de l’allumer pour pouvoir en jouer immédiatement.

L’Opus est disponible en trois versions : les Opus 155 et Opus 255 à deux claviers et l’Opus 355 à trois claviers.

Ces modèles élégants d’orgues sont proposés dans plusieurs teintes, ce qui fait de l’Opus un bel élément décoratif dans tout intérieur.

Opus 255

Pas de réglages compliqués, ni de temps d’allumage trop long : il suffit d’allumer l’orgue pour pouvoir en jouer immédiatement. Cet orgue, c’est l’orgue Opus 255.

36 jeux

12 réverbérations exclusives

2 claviers

2.1 système audio




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The Opus is a well-known member of the Johannus family. The remarkable history of this organ has its roots in the heart of the 20th century, until the beginning of the 1970s, when the Opus series - the first Johannus salon organ - was launched. Since then, many organists have grown up with this organ and the Opus has become a real concept for organ lovers.

It is therefore not surprising that the Opus has always been a Johannus bestseller. And although the Opus has adapted to the times and is constantly being improved, the original idea behind the organ has survived all these years. The Opus was, is and remains a valuable musical asset in every living room.

You only have to sit in front of this instrument to realise that the Opus is for everyone who loves the organ. In fact, it would be better to say "sitting in front of one of these instruments". You can choose between the Opus 255 or Opus 355 in wood or the Opus 155 in melamine.

The Opus 155 with two manuals offers a balanced arrangement of 30 stops. A 30-tone pedalboard and a programmable expression pedal are located under the keyboards. The Opus 255 and Opus 355 also feature a 30-note pedalboard and two programmable expression pedals. The Opus 255 two-manual layout has 36 stops. The three-manual Opus 355, the prestige model of the Opus series, does even better, with no less than 44 stops.

In addition, all Opus series organs are equipped with two additional solo stops: a trumpet and a pan flute.

After this first look at the organ, sit down on the organ bench. Because, while such a sumptuous and balanced layout is already very impressive, the sound is at least as important.

To achieve the beautiful organ sounds of the Opus series, our sound engineers use the most advanced digital sampling technology. First, they make high-quality recordings of the most important pipe organs and then select the best sound samples from an organ register. The quality of these pipes then forms the basis of the entire organ register. In this way, you can enjoy the best sound quality of these impressive pipe organs on every key.

To complete the experience, the Opus series organs feature a wide range of advanced technologies. For example, the layout of the pipes on the case is reproduced by a Virtual Pipe Positioning system. In addition, our newly developed bellows simulator provides a realistic rendering of the organ's wind tunnel. This means that the pitch of the sound varies very subtly when a large number of keys are pressed at the same time, i.e. when a large amount of air is required. This really gives the impression that the organ is breathing, that it is alive!

As all these technologies used in our organs are developed by our research and development department, they work perfectly with each other. As a result, the organ always does what you ask for very quickly: the organ sounds in the room as soon as you press the keys. And the organ sounds like a real pipe organ, as it should.


    OranjeCore™ system
    Solo games2
    Choice between three layouts:
    Dutch Romantic
    German Baroque
    French Symphonic

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