Orgues Cantorum Duo

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The new Cantorum Duo is a 2 manual portable organ by Viscount. The last addition of the world acclaimed Cantorum line, offers 30 voices, convenient stoptab arrangement and built in amplification, providing everything at your fingertips to experience the latest sampled sound technology available in a digital organ.The superb sound and the contemporary aesthetic make this genuine Viscount organ a remarkable yet affordable instrument. Whether you are a quality-conscious church or an organist on a limited budget, the Cantorum Duo is now available in any situation.  The compact but sturdy cabinet is easy to move and allows you to use the instrument in a fully multifunctional way.

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59.00 / month


The Cantorum duo is a completely portable organ with 2 manuals, 27 speaking stops and 3 orchestral voices. It’s the ideal instrument for the discerning student or church on a limited budget.

Viscount’s Cantorum Duo utilises the newly developed ARTEM technology (Advanced Real TEchnology Music), a powerful sampled sound generator that is capable of faithfully reproducing the authentic sound and performance of a traditional pipe organ.

This unique platform faithfully reproduces pipe sounds from the world’s most famous styles of organ building. It has the four organ specifications (Baroque, North German Barock, Romantic, Symphonic) each having their own samples and distinctive disposition. You can easily select the organ of your choice and create your own preferred audio environment through acoustic modeling.

The Cantorum Duo offers a built amplification system composed by 4 Speakers and 2×40 digital amplifier.

The organ’s settings are easy to access, modify and store through the enhanced graphic display on the front panel.  You simply can’t find better value for money when considering sampled sound technology than you have in the Viscount Cantorum Duo.

A wide range of optional, as stands, bench, pedalboard, pedals and powerful external amplifers can all be added to the organ to increase it’s flexibility and mobility.

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